Worship and Sermons


Worship is really the heart of everything we do at West Bloomfield United Methodist Church.  Each Sunday morning at 10:30 AM, we gather together to recognize and give thanks for God's work in our lives, we join in fellowship with one another, we help each other grow in our understanding and love of God, and we go out energized and ready to live out our faith in daily life.  And as we worship together, we sing together, we laugh together, and we pray together.  We often find it an inspiring time as we discover anew the amazing love God has for us.  And what we learn on Sunday morning in the sermon, we are able to use during the week, as the preaching is relevant and connected to our lives and our world.


For infants and toddlers, we offer nursery care every Sunday of the year so parents can focus on the worship service.  Preschoolers and elementary school children begin in worship before going to “Sprout” (preschool) or "G3 Kids" (elementary) after about ten minutes.  To ensure that everyone is fully engaged in worship, we are intentional about making the service an enjoyable experience for all.  We always have plenty of participation and activity, we sing upbeat and lively music, we use video and multimedia, we feature storytelling and drama to help bring the Bible to life, and the preaching uses plain, everyday language that is easy to understand.


We've had first time guests observe that our worship style is "relaxed".  As one person noted, "Some churches try so hard to be edgy that it's almost like they're not taking worship seriously.  You guys take worship seriously, but without being uptight or stuffy about it either!"  We take that as quite a compliment!  When you enter our worship space, you'll feel the vibe immediately.  You'll see suits and you'll see jeans, you'll see babies and older folks and everything in between, you'll see couples and singles, you'll see buzz cuts and tattoos, you'll see people who are lifelong church goers and people who have just started their spiritual journey.  In short, whether you've been at the church for 20 years or 20 minutes, you'll feel the real warmth and genuine care that West Bloomfield UMC shows to all people!


We are currently in a sermon series about celebrating Iraqi Christians.  Jesus instructed us to “love your neighbors” and here in West Bloomfield, more than 5,000 of our neighbors are Iraqi Christians.  We’re discovering that the church in Iraq represents one of only five regions of the world that has had a continuous Christian presence from the first century until today.  We’ll celebrate the history of Iraqi Christians, their heritage and culture, their values and priorities, and their identity today.  And throughout, we’ll hear the personal story of a family in our congregation that grew up in Iraq and has lived here in Michigan for the past decade.